You're Already Awesome: How to Silence Your Inner Critic and Step Into Greatness

Binding: Hardcover
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Entrepreneur, speaker, brand strategist, social media influencer, and podcaster Alison Faulkner shares motivational pep talks and practical self-help tools to help anyone overcome the pressure to become someone different, and instead embrace their inherent awesomeness.

Numerous books, podcasts, and talk show hosts bombard us with the idea of change—how we can transform ourselves to be better. But this drive to be our best selves can be overwhelming and stressful. Alison Faulkner is here to remind you that you’re already awesome. In this much needed guide, she shares powerful and practical tools she learned in her journey to overcome struggles with anxiety and depression and has successfully used to build her own million-dollar brand. 

Alison reveals the challenges that ultimately led to her transformational philosophy: when you let go of the pressure to become someone different, you’re free to step into your power and start creating the life you really want. You’re Already Awesome includes mantras, tips, tricks, tools, and practical advice, such as focus on the present moment to escape the comparison trap and choose to invest in people who invest in you to build your support system. Wise, down-to-earth, and uplifting, You’re Already Awesome teaches you how to deal with the curveballs and tough stuff so you can harness the greatness you already possess.

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