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Abigail Turner knew she wanted to be a superhero even before her flame powers developed. She honed her skills, aced community college, and became the sidekick to San Arbor's number one hero, Volcanic. When she is fired for misconduct, however, furthering her career seems impossible.



Determined to don her cape at a different superhero company, Abigail knows she must get stronger and accepts a deal from an unlikely source.



Cinder, a similarly powered villain who has bested her at every encounter, offers to train her if Abigail owes him a favor: A way out of the city.


Falling in love wasn't part of the deal.


As the line between good and evil blurs, Abigail must choose between her passion to do good and her love for a villain who is hiding much more behind his mask.



Wildfire offers an introspective look at the relationships and career complexities within a superhero society and the pursuit of one's identity when the shadows of their past loom over their future.

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