The Seed Tree: Money Management and Wealth Building Lessons for Teens

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Do you know a young person who is struggling to manage their money? Well, help them take control of their money now and put them on the path toward financial freedom!

They say that money doesn't buy happiness. But I think we can all agree that having your finances in order can make living a happy life much easier. Make sure your young person doesn't fall into the trap of asking "where is all my money going?" or "why didn't they teach me this stuff in school?!"

Author, Stephen Carter, is a high school teacher turned entrepreneur and had made it his mission to help young people manage their money better. Through a page-turning narrative, Stephen tells the story of a sophomore named Andrew Black, as he navigates the world of finance alongside his instructor, Mr. Sharp.

Although the story itself may be fictional, the teachings, tips and tricks are all based on the author's own experiences. From crafting a budget and obtaining his first job, to setting up a Roth IRA and developing an investment plan, Andrew emerges at the end of the semester with more financial literacy than most adults attain in their lifetimes. With the power of compound interest at his fingertips, Andrew's journey demonstrates the amazing benefits of getting an early start on the path toward financial intelligence.

"The Seed Tree: A Financial Fable" is a teen/young adult financial self-help book that blends the beauty of a fictional story, with the hard facts and advice of a non-fiction workbook. Young people will be drawn in by Andrew's gripping story and will learn about managing their money without even realizing it.

This easy-to-read story is chock full of useful advice to help young people get a grip on their finances, now and forever. The book is ideal for teens, young people, parents, and teachers.

So, what are you waiting for? Click "Buy Now" and help a young person achieve the ultimate goal of financial freedom for the rest of their lives.

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