The Love You Deserve

Binding: Paperback
Sale price$13.99


Follow an animal-loving bartender and her hot, protective boss as they finally give into the attraction between them in this emotional and steamy romantic comedy about healing the past to let love in.




I didn't plan to fall in love with my boss. Cory Porter is six-foot-six of muscle and I fell for him the day he gave me a job in his bar. Too bad he's twelve years older than me and treats me like a little sister.


Anyway, I've got other things to worry about-like saving my favorite animal shelter and fostering an anxious pup called Pretzel. The only problem is, I'm not allowed to have dogs in my apartment...




I shouldn't have suggested Josie and Pretzel stay at my place. I've been fighting feelings for that woman for five years. She's too young, too much my employee, and way too sweet for a guy like me.


But the more time we spend under one roof, the harder it gets to keep my hands off her-especially when she's bent over on her yoga mat in our living room. Can't a guy catch a break?


I know it's selfish of me to act on this. I'm a committed bachelor like my father and will only end up hurting her. But now that I've let Josie in, can I become the man she deserves?


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