Starling House

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A gorgeously modern gothic fantasy from the New York Timesbestselling author of TEN THOUSAND DOORS OF JANUARY—welcome to Starling House: enter, if you dare.

I dream sometimes about a house I’ve never seen….

Opal is a lot of things--orphan, high school dropout, full-time cynic and part-time cashier--but above all, she's a determined to find a better life for her younger brother Jasper. One that gets them out of Eden, Kentucky, a town remarkable for only two things:
1) a surprising amount of unexplained bad luck and natural disasters
2) the only known sightings of E. (Eleanor) Starling, a reclusive nineteenth-century author whose only published book, The Underland, was considered almost as shocking as the author’s later mysterious disappearance.

But Starling left behind one other thing: the imposing house that bears her name. Everyone agrees that it’s best to ignore the uncanny mansion, and its misanthropic heir, Arthur . Almost everyone, anyway..

I should be scared, but in the dream I don’t hesitate.

Opal knows better than to mess with haunted houses or brooding men, but still can't resist a chance to see inside Starling House. So when an unexpected opportunityunexpected opportunity arises, she jumps at it. Besides, it means double the money to put towards her brother’s escape fund.

But sinister forces are digging deeper into the buried secrets of Starling House, and Arthur’s own nightmares have become far too real. As Eden itself seems to be drowning in its own ghosts, Opal realizes that she might finally have found a reason to stick around.

In my dream, I’m home.

And now she’ll have to fight.

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