Springtime Sunshine

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Stretch out in the sun with two sweet stories of couples discovering that love has been right in front of them all along...


Marriage of Inconvenience


Rich Manning and Jamie Warren have always been friends--and nothing but friends. But that all changes when she asks him to father the child she so desperately wants. Rich agrees, with one condition: they get married. As they discover a new side to their relationship, they're both surprised by the emotions they feel. But can Rich prove to the headstrong new Mrs. Manning that it's time to let the world in on their secret and that their love is truly here to stay?


Stand-In Wife


When Leah Baker lost her sister, she was moved to help with the three young children left with widower Paul Manning. She and Paul are brought together in their shared grief. As Leah finds a place in the home, it starts to feel like family, even though it's supposed to be a temporary arrangement. As their relationship grows, Leah and Paul don't know how to trust their feelings. It's new and different for both of them, but he'll need to convince her that they have something real.


"Macomber never disappoints. Tears and laughter abound." -- Library Journal

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