Secrets by Nightfall

Binding: Mass Market Paperbound
Sale price$9.99


When night falls, no one is safe from desire or danger...


Night Shift


Radio host Cilla O'Roarke loves quiet evenings running the late-night show at her station. But when she receives a threatening call from a listener, her ideal job suddenly turns dangerous. Used to being alone, Cilla insists she can handle the calls by herself, but that doesn't stop Detective Boyd Fletcher from wanting to investigate further. Boyd also senses there's something beneath Cilla's cool demeanor and challenges himself to uncover her secrets. But when the sinister caller begins stalking Cilla, Boyd realizes he wants to protect Cilla more than anything else--and Cilla finds that trusting Boyd might be her only choice.


Night Shadow


When Deborah O'Roarke is rescued from a dark alley by the city's own masked vigilante, Nemesis, she starts to rethink her idea of what a hero is. A practical lawyer, Deborah doesn't like anyone who disrespects the law--and Nemesis's bold actions and brash attitude are definitely against her morals. But when she needs details on a murder case, she has no choice but to turn to Nemesis for information. As the two work together, Deborah starts to understand Nemesis's dark allure...and learns that there's more to the man behind the mask than she thought.

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