Redeeming 6

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An epic and unforgettable love story continues in Redeeming 6, the fourth book in the international bestselling and TikTok-phenomenon Boys of Tommen series, from Chloe Walsh.

I'm saving you, six.

Joey Lynch's life is falling apart. Obsessed with proving himself to the only person he's ever truly trusted, Joey fights to stay away from a world that could destroy his life. The odds are against him, but can he keep his head above water?

Aoife is absolutely unwilling to give up the boy she loves, so she is determined to save him from self-destruction. She becomes trapped in a world she doesn't understand, but her heart is stronger than what's trying to drag her down. Aoife will never give up on Joey, no matter how much is stacked against them.

Through heartbreak and horror, Aoife and Joey have had each other's backs, and this time is no different.

Following the beloved pairing from Saving 6, Redeeming 6 will only increase your love for the Boys of Tommen universe. This book is perfect for readers looking for:

  • New adult/YA crossover Irish romance
  • Dual POVs
  • Friends-to-lovers
  • Angsty tearjerkers
  • Bingeworthy TikTok books

Readers are saying:

"This book brought me back to life."



"I read this in under 24 hrs."

"Chloe Walsh writes the kind of romance novels where you can just tell the [characters] are SOULMATES, literally made for each other, two pieces of a puzzle! Joey and Aoife are everything and deserve the whole world!!!"

Author: Chloe Walsh
Binding Type: Paperback
Publisher: Bloom Books
Published: 03/19/2024
Series: Boys of Tommen #4
Pages: 774
ISBN: 9781464216022
Audience: Young Adult

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