Pop-Up Peekaboo! Colors: Pop-Up Surprise Under Every Flap!

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A blue dragonfly, red rooster and a rainbow butterfly are here to spread their love for bright colors with pop-up surprises! 

Lift the flaps to play peekaboo with your little ones and introduce them to different colors in this entertaining rhyming story book.

As pretty as a picture! Each page of this board book is dedicated to a beautiful color, and is charmingly illustrated, using adorable photos of cuddly toys with lots of personalities. Go on an adventure to find a friend at the end of the rainbow.

Babies and toddlers will be enchanted by finding the surprises behind each flap. This interactive book helps teach young children object permanence, which is an important step in childhood development. Turning the pages and moving the pop-ups help toddlers learn motor control for improved dexterity.

This book has been designed as an all-round activity learning experience to get the most out of story time. Read the lively rhymes aloud, create an amusing story for your kids to follow and guess who is behind the flap! The rhymes and the easy-to-read text help preschoolers remember the new words they are learning for early language development. 

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