Origami for Kids: 20 Projects to Make Plus 100 Papers to Fold

Binding: Paperback
Sale price$19.99


This fun and creative origami kit for children is packed with activities designed to challenge kids' minds and encourage creative thinking!

  • 100 sheets of large format origami paper that's easy for little hands to fold, mold, and shape
  • 20 clever projects with step-by-step folding instructions for kids
  • Fold lines are printed right on the illustrations to enable children aged 5-7 to easily create each project
  • Projects for cute animals like bunnies, crabs, bugs, dogs and more
  • QR codes for video tutorials of children folding the origami projects


Children often become interested in origami, but the diagrams and explanations meant for grown-ups can sometimes be discouraging. Enter Origami for Kids!

Inside Origami for Kids, twenty easy-to-make projects with simple folding instructions are provided for fascinating bunnies, crabs, bugs, dogs and more. Fold lines are printed right on the illustrations to enable children aged 5-7 to easily create each origami all by themselves.

The book includes 100 sheets of high-quality, large format origami paper for hours of folding fun. Each project in Origami for Kids also features a QR code for quick access to a video tutorial of a young origamist folding the same piece.

Origami for Kids is perfect for parents searching for interactive, real world activities that challenge the mind and encourage creative experimentation!

Written by origami guru Mila Bertinetti Montevecchi, this comprehensive origami how-to book for children makes this craft easy, but more importantly—fun! "I created this book so that kids can have fun following instructions and creating designs that are within their grasp," says Montevecchi.

"Origami for Kids is a great way to develop logical and spatial thinking, encourage creative activity through the activation of thought processes."

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