My Zoo: A Book Of Feelings

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My Zoo: A Book of Feelings helps readers identify the emotions they are feeling and be present with them.

From angry lions to calm sloths and sad pandas to happy puppies, everyone has a zoo of emotions inside. Some days you might feel like a tiger or elephant, bear or rhino. But other days you may feel like all the animals in the zoo!
Featuring colorful, expressive animals, bouncy rhymes, and awesome alliteration, readers will find My Zoo: A Book of Feelings  to be a fun read-aloud book covering such emotions as happy, sad, scared, angry, brave, embarrassed, calm, jealous, excited, annoyed, and proud, and guaranteed to be a helpful tool for learning how to identify, accept, and become a zoo-keeper of their own feelings and emotions. This clever and colorful picture book invites kids to look inside themselves and get know their own lion, tiger, bear, sloth, zebra, turtle, and dog and just how wonderfully captivating and instructive those emotions and feelings can be.

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