My First Book of Baby Signs: 40 Essential Signs to Learn and Practice

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Learn sign language alongside your baby with this adorable storybook for ages 0 to 3

Story time is the perfect time to practice sign language with your child. My First Book of Baby Signs is part storybook and part sign language guide, designed to encourage you and your baby to learn new words and signs as you read together. Practice communicating with important, everyday signs for everything from basics like "eat," "milk," and "mommy" to more advanced ideas like "help," "potty," and "I love you."

This book makes it fun and easy to learn helpful baby signs with:

  • Storybook style--Each sign is paired with engaging text and charming illustrations of diverse families to help depict the meaning of the word.
  • Interactive learning--Every page includes written and visual instructions that demonstrate how to sign properly and allow you and your baby to learn and practice together.
  • 40 real ASL signs--These signs are the accurate and up-to-date versions from American Sign Language, and you'll even find a guide to the full alphabet and basic numbers.


This book of baby signs is the perfect way to start communicating with your baby before they learn to speak.

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