Met the End: An investigation of the past, a daughter's duty to herself.

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Met the End, a true-crime survival memoir, explores the life and death of John Powell, first known victim of American serial killer Donald Harvey, through the eyes of Powell's daughter, Holly Brians Ragusa. When a motorcycle accident in 1986 left Powell in a coma, the nightmare for Brians Ragusa and her family had scarcely begun: Harvey, a nurse's aid, was poisoning him with cyanide, and when Powell died, an investigation revealed dozens of similar crimes. For Brians Ragusa, fifteen years old at the time, the incident had profound mental and emotional consequences. She struggled for decades to reconcile childhood memories of her Dad against the sensational publicity surrounding his murder. Then, in 2017, the national spotlight returned to Harvey's case when a fellow prison inmate beat him to death. Rekindled trauma from the news coverage drove Brians Ragusa to finally tell her father's story. Through research, interviews, and introspection, Brians Ragusa faces the tragedy of her family's past, and finds reclamation.

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