Life with Plants: A Coloring Book

Binding: Paperback
Sale price$12.99


From stumpy potted houseplants to intricate and delicate flower arrangements, color Katie Vaz's favorite plants and bring her journey to life in Life with Plants Coloring Book.

From Katie Vaz, author of Don’t Worry, Eat Cake, the beloved Make Yourself Cozy, and the illustrated memoir My Life in Plants, comes Life with Plants Coloring Book. As her memoir told the story of her life through the thirty-nine plants that have impacted her life, readers can enjoy each plant's impact and bring them to life with color. Plants include a homegrown wildflower bouquet wrapped in duct tape that she carried on stage at age three, to a fragrant basil plant that brought her and her kitchen back to life after grief.

The artwork for each plant is personal, heartwarming, and charming, and coloring her work will prompt buyers to recall plants of their own that have been instrumental in their life.

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