Kitty Quest: Sinister Sister

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In the latest adventure of this laugh-out-loud graphic novel series that's perfect for fans of Dog Man and The InvestGators, the Kitty Quest crew will have to face their toughest challenge yet--a villain that's part of the family!

Kitty Quest is on high alert because there's a new villain coming to town: Princess Horribelle of Awfullia. (A place so terrible, it's where the word awful comes from!) And she's travelled all this way to visit her big sister Scarygold...who now goes by the name Perigold. Yes, as it turns out, our young heroine is actually heir to the throne of a wretched kingdom. Never wanting to be bad herself, Perigold completely left that life behind (well, except for that nifty crown she's always wearing) in hopes of starting over in Pawdor.

Not knowing what she could be up to, Woolfrik and Perigold have no choice but to meet up with the princess. But things take a turn for the worse when an old nemesis with a big grudge against Kitty Quest shows up. Will Horribelle's visit end in an innocent family reunion, or does she have something far more sinister up her sleeves?

Author: Phil Corbett
Binding Type: Hardcover
Publisher: Razorbill
Published: 01/23/2024
Pages: 208
Weight: 1.25lbs
ISBN: 9780593619841
Audience: Ages 9-12

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