Grand Theft AI

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San Francisco, 2051. Rising like neo-Shanghai over the Bay, a labyrinth of quantum accelerators, hologram dreams, and fiercely regulated androids. Forget powder, pills, or bud--kids get high slotting wafers of data under the ear, and they'll pay fat [rypto for the best. At the hottest nightclub in the city ... the Fang.

Baz Covane is a battle-scarred thief who sticks to small-time bots. Ria Rose is the underworld "fixer" with a big-time score that could easily get 'em both killed. 'Cuz the Fang's psychotic kingpin Otto Rex has a vault with more security than a fusion reactor. And the glass inside is priceless--enough to set up Baz, Ria, and their crack team of cyber-misfits on the white sands of Tahiti forever.

But this crime doesn't just carry infinite VR-Prison time--it's Baz and Ria's last shot at redemption. Forced to confess every last secret on their neurals, they'll have to trust each other completely if they stand any chance of infiltrating Otto's lair, raiding its spiraling rings of physical and virtual firewalls, to finally hack into his mind and crack his deepest layer of security, before the Blackhawks touch down with federal warrants--for Grand Theft AI.

Author: James Cox
Binding Type: Hardcover
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Published: 05/14/2024
ISBN: 9798200682133

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