Goodnight Pond: A Calming Bedtime Story

Binding: Paperback
Sale price$8.99


Bedtime can be a challenge.

Adding Goodnight Pond to your bedtime routine may be just what you and your child need.

Goodnight Pond holds a beautiful experience on each page with soft looking pond creatures and calming colors.

The rhythmic words fall in a natural cadence giving the reader a fun and creative way to tell the story.

What makes Goodnight Pond special are the movements added to resemble each sleepy pond creature.

Your child will wiggle like a fish, hug their knees like a snail, and lay as still as the water.

With a gentle count of "One-Two-Three" you are able to guide your child through a natural procession of getting their wiggles out, connecting to their bodies and calming them for sleep.

Goodnight Pond will quickly become a bedtime favorite you and your child will look forward to each night.

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