Everything Inside: Stories

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NATIONAL BOOK CRITICS CIRCLE AWARD WINNER - Unforgettable tales of families and lovers--from Haiti to Miami, Brooklyn, and beyond--often struggling with grief, loss, and missed connections." --Vanity Fair - A TODAY Show Read with Jenna Book Club Pick!


A romance unexpectedly sparks between two wounded friends. A marriage ends for what seem like noble reasons, but with irreparable consequences. A young woman holds on to an impossible dream even as she fights for her survival. Two lovers reunite after unimaginable tragedy, both for their country and in their lives. A baby's christening brings three generations of a family to a precarious dance between old and new. A man falls to his death in slow motion, reliving the defining moments of the life he is about to lose.


Set in locales from Miami and Port-au-Prince to a small unnamed country in the Caribbean and beyond, here are eight emotionally absorbing stories, rich with hard-won wisdom and humanity. At once wide in scope and intimate, Everything Inside explores with quiet power and elegance the forces that pull us together or drive us apart, sometimes in the same searing instant.

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