Dragonfly Falling (Shadows of the Apt #2)

Binding: Paperback
Sale price$16.95


The epic fantasy series Shadows of Apt, by Arthur C. Clarke Award Winner Adrian Tchaikovsky, continues with Dragonfly Falling.

Now with a new cover look.

The Wasp Empire's armies are on the move. The city of Tark will be first to feel their might, now preparing for siege. And within its walls, Salma and Totho will take a stand alongside their Ant-kinden brethren. But they'll face weaponry and numbers such as the Lowlands have never seen.

Meanwhile, the Empire's secret service has deemed Stenwold Maker too dangerous to live. So Major Thalric is dispatched to eliminate Stenwold and destroy his beloved city of Collegium. For if this centre of learning is lost, it will crush all hope of intelligent resistance.

As the Empire's troops continue their relentless advance, their young Emperor pursues another, even darker goal. His success would trigger a reign of blood lasting a thousand years.

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