Butt Or Face?

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"The silly, simple premise is carried out splendidly; younger readers will be entranced by fascinating photos, bright colors, and googly eyes galore, while older readers will appreciate fast-fact boxes, clear explanations, and endless animal puns."—Booklist, STARRED Review

Can YOU tell a butt from a face? Discover fascinating facts about animals with this hilarious guessing game picture book!

Butt or Face offers kids a delightfully cheeky challenge: examine a close-up photo of an animal, and then guess whether you're looking at the top or the…um…bottom. The answer is revealed on the next page with a complete photo of the animal! Also included are factual animal details along with how these animals use camouflage or other trickery to engage with their home. Readers will discover animals like the Cuyaba dwarf frog whose backside looks like a pair of eyes, the Mary River turtle that breathes through its butt, and many more!

Butt or Face? is perfect for parents and teachers looking for:

  • Books for kids ages 4-8
  • Animal fact books for kids
  • Animal anatomy game books
  • Interactive physiology books for kids
  • Humorous nonfiction books for kids

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