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Colossal Confections Bursting with Flavor!

Cookie fanatics, rejoice! Bakery owner and beloved TikToker Chloe Joy Sexton is here to bring you the biggest, yummiest, most indulgently scrumptious cookies you’ll ever taste. Discover outstanding recipes for oversized confections that will recall all the joys of your childhood cookie jar. Sweet or salty, fruity or stuffed— thanks to Chloe’s bold and inventive approach to cookie-making, there’s a giant cookie recipe for every giant craving.

Delight in whimsical creations like Marshmallow- Stuffed Fruity Funfetti Cookies or the Giant Coffeedoodle. Get your chocolate fix with melt-in-your-mouth Chocolate Churro Cookies, decadent Brownie-Stuffed Cowboy Cookies or drool-worthy Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Cookies. Each creative, showstopping recipe in this book is sure to yield big cookies and bigger smiles!

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