Beautiful World, Where Are You?

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A cool, captivating story . . . Rooney establishes a distance from her characters' inner lives, creating a sense of privacy even as she describes Alice and Eileen's most intimate moments. It's a bold change to her style, and it makes the illuminations all the more powerful when they pop. As always, Rooney challenges and inspires."
-- Publishers Weekly (Starred)


"Writing with her trademark truthfulness and wit, Rooney compels with both these meta-conversations and the actions of her characters' lives: their enthralling, intimate, and consequential grappling with themselves, with one another, and with beauty, sex, and friendship. Rooney's first novel since Normal People, which became a popular and award-winning Hulu series, is steadily drawing excitement."
-- Booklist (Starred)


"Keen and tersely delivered observations about the follies of youth, sex, and friendships."
--Adam Price, The Millions (Most Anticipated)


"As much as she resists the title, Rooney's new book may just cement her status as a leading voice of the millennial generation.
-- Harper's Bazaar (Most Anticipated)

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