A Match Made in Autumn

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Rhett Hebert has harbored a secret crush on autumn-loving Amelia Murphy since childhood, but one embarrassing incident in high school was enough to make them avoid one another for the last ten years. Now a dying fall festival and a decades-long cold case have inexplicably brought them together once more. 

Amelia is tasked to serve as organizer of the annual fall festival by her demanding boss at the local chamber of commerce. She hopes to give it new life and prove she has what it takes to revitalize the small Louisiana town she has always called home. With the help of her best friend and coworker, Beth, and her feisty Aunt Margie, she’s well on her way to making the event one like the city has never seen before. At least, she was until a meddling old woman, rumored to be the town witch, tried to sabotage it. 

Local newspaper reporter Rhett’s work is suffering. On the heels of a broken marriage, he desperately needs a good story to pull him out of his rut. The newspaper archives draw him to the cold case of a boy who went missing twenty years prior–one he feels an inexplicable connection with. 

When the missing boy’s story leads Rhett to the city’s fall festival site, Amelia and Rhett must confront their embarrassing past and help one another. With the assistance of fate (and a meddling one-eyed rescue dog), Rhett and Amelia rediscover hope, humor, and romance. 

Full of romance, love, heartbreak, mystery, and all kinds of autumnal and pumpkin spicy goodness, A Match Made in Autumn is perfect for fans of found family, self-discovery, and serendipity.

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